Digital Projects

My current research examines boylesque, a contemporary genre of neo-burlesque performance, which I argue is a culmination of a history of a gender-nonconforming style of burlesque that stretches back through the 20th century. Engaging a speculative historiographic investigation of drag performers in burlesque history, in one of my dissertation chapters, I am pursuing research inquiries into historical data, attempting to find queer foundational structures in popular entertainment through social network analysis.

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Current Digital Projects

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Expanding Communities of Practice
Instructional Technology Fellow
Early Traces of Female Impersonation

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Title Start Year End Year
Expanding Communities of Practice 2018
Program Social Media Fellows 2019 2020
Instructional Technology Fellow 2018
Center for LGBTQ Studies Graphic Design 2012 2014
Early Traces of Female Impersonation 2017