Dramatic Vision and Form | 2017

This course is part of the core curriculum of Villanova University’s M.A. program in Theatre, covering the second half of dramatic literature as well as the effect of theory and form on the vision of playwrights and performance artists. The course is a historical overview of theory, closely tied to artistic practice by some central theatre practitioners in the 20th and 21st centuries. Primarily, we cover modernism and continue up until contemporary theory and practice. The students are encouraged to search for their epistemologies and methodologies that can help both their research and practice. The students’ final project entails some academic research, critical analysis, and writing, as well as an optional development of this research into a practical component.
The students in the class are part of Villanova University’s multidisciplinary M.A. program, primarily catering to students who are interested in a multidisciplinary education, focusing on acting, directing, dramaturgy, literary managers, designers, and nonprofit managers. They are not primarily interested in pursuing a Ph.D.
I taught this course in Spring 2017.

Student Evaluations
Kalle taught me a lot about theory, but more importantly how to analyze text from multiple perspectives and several different lenses. I really appreciate this a lot. It was a great semester! Patrick McAndrew, Spring 2017.