Skillbuilding website

Django-based full-stack website

As a project manager for the Digital Humanities Research Institute, I built two websites from the ground up using the static site-builder Jekyll. The first one was the project’s main website, providing all interested with basic information about the project and its goals. The website is still live at

The other website was built as a micro-site that provided access to all the information presented at the Association for Computing in the Humanities conference in 2019, and is still live at

The most challenging task of building a website followed the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The in-person workshops that we had planned were cancelled, and we had to redesign our curriculum from in-person to online training with synchronous and asynchronous components. We spent significant time considering participants’ technology access and their ability to participate in our new curriculum due to the changing social environment that emerged with the pandemic.

As we wanted to have some solid interactivity and ability to mirror the content that we were building, open access, on GitHub, I constructed a full-stack application, built on top of Python’s Django module. My robust bespoke virtual learning environment for our skills modules, administration, and skills assessment was complemented by custom-written JavaScript, CSS styling using Bootstrap 5. The website is live at